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2015 F150 Lariat FX4 Tow package, 92K miles

Periodically, more frequent now, while driving down the road (California pothole HQ) my traction light comes on, flashes and then turns off. It seems to be more frequent now. This morning enroute to work traveling at ~70mph, downhill, I ran over a rough patch of road again. The light flashed, then I received an trailer sway warning and the truck lost power. I acknowledged it by pressing ok, and everything went back to normal. I was NOT towing a trailer this morning. I figure I can run this to the dealer, still under warranty, but any thoughts?

I noticed last weekend that my rear differential cover is moist about 75% around. No leaks under the truck, no drops if I touch it, but moist. I will get this in to fix soon, but could the fluid be low enough that it is tripping traction control?

All these new fangled gadgets are nice ...but so many interconnections makes troubleshooting difficult.

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