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This is probably against some rule so I'll make it brief as I'm not trying to cause a problem, but if anyone wants a "great deal" on a 23' Northwood "all season" travel trailer used only once take a look at the Craig's List reference below. Northwood makes Arctic Fox, Desert Fox, Fox Creek & Nash, all excellently constructed trailers. I'm 72, so its time to stay at home.... been there.... done that for 45 years without an accident! Probably only do-able in the Western States as I live 3 hrs. west of Las Vegas on I-15 where I 395 meets it! Sorry if I'm breaking a rule, but this post doesn't belong in Ecoboost Truck for sale! (Smile)

A once used travel trailer is pretty rare to find, so I thought I'd let anyone on the forum know about it! It's a great deal!

I've also got a 2012 Ecoboost Screw, but I haven't decided whether I can bear to sell it with the trailer! It's too cool! I might just "tow" my butt around with it! LOL!


Craigslist 4732064756
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