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Tuned coolant temp

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I just recently purchased a 5 Star Tune for my 2018 3.5 . The temp outside was 45 deg . Yes did have to play with the 93 performance tune that night . I ran her pretty hard 130 mph plus , My coolant temp on my scanner got up to 235 pretty quick , but it dropped to 212 just as quick . I just scanned my truck a few minutes ago it had a past code for high coolant temp . Is or has anyone seen that high coolant temp with a tune and if so what did you do to remedy the situation . Yes I did notice my fans were running allot that night allot more than before . The needle gauge on my dash was only a little past the middle though .
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Waiting to hear if the low temp stat fixes the OP issue
So its been a definate improvemnent.

Good to hear,
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