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I've used one before however not on an Ecoboost. I installed one on a non-water cooled turbo or oil cooled as they are called. The importance in that application is to prevent the oil from coking on the shaft and lead to premature bearing failure. My car did not come with one from the factory and did not need one in its stock form. Extensive modification leading to lots more power being made generated lots more heat. I felt more comfortable having a turbo timer. Given that our turbos are already water cooled I think we are OK without them. When the day comes that we have single turbo headers available and we start bolting on some BIG single turbos then turbo timers may become necessary. Especially if they are oil cooled turbos. If you are concerned about negative affects of not having a turbo timer then just don't immediately shut off your engine after a hard run. Let it idle for 20-30 seconds before shutting it off and you have essentially done what a turbo timer would do.
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