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So this is the final answer? I have a 2015 3.5 ecoboost, totally stock with the #5030-124-CSCC system with the DVCC and CSCC. View attachment 80474

View attachment 80482
The dreaded P04DB continues to recur off and on. It was installed in Nov with 8000 miles, and I now have 10,800 miles. Have tried all the recommended recommendations: checked fittings, disconnected battery overnight etc etc. I've reset the CEL several times. Curiously, the light will go off, then several trips later it will re-light. I did drain the cans at the 10,800 interval and had less ~ 2-3 oz in DVCC and less than 1 oz in CSCC. I finally replaced the CSCC setup with the OE hose & VPS. No codes have returned after a number of trips and several hundred miles.

If there is no final solution other than get a tuner to override the CEL I would like to return the CSCC for a credit. Since the amount of fluid collecting in the CSCC is minimal, I would prefer to drive without it and the hassle of the CEL.

I cannot live with a CEL as I live in a non conforming EPA district and am required to get an emissions test annually. They will not pass the truck with an illuminated CEL. And if I reset it, they will detect this and will not continue the emissions test until I achieve the number of drive cycles to normalize the system. (At which point the CEL will be illuminated again.)

Joe, What do you recommend at this point?
This is a very rare condition and we have recommended the removal of the CSCC on trucks with very finicky VPS sensors to remedy any CEL issue. You can PM me and I will get you set up.


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I used the screw holding the reservoir just to the left of the fan shroud hole as a mounting point. I also used the spacer as a bumper. I did have to put the bracket in a vice and give it about a 40degree bend (put a cloth in the vise and you shouldn't damage the finish). The can sits about 4 degrees from vertical (bottom canted slightly towards the driver wheel well). One question is, do the clean and vacuum hoses need to be installed on the specific sides? (both check valves are facing away from the can). I also used a straight bracket bent into an L for the smaller can as I have an AFE airbox installed as well. I do have a slight sucking noise under turbo boost comming from the passenger side, used soapy water to check fittings and connections (all which seem to have no leaks).

I am getting about +2 MPG. Unfortunately I am also getting improved HP and torque (I think, haven't done any dyno tests) which means I just might be a bit heavier on the go pedal then I was and that translates into about a -3 MPG loss <GRIN>. I'm having a blast playing inside the hood of my truck!

(NOTE on the main can bracket, a slight bend and twist and about another inch would position the can right where it would sit attached to the shroud, if attached to the screw in the coolant reservoir and adding a 4-5 inch straight bracket thick enough to hold but be bent, would solve the airbox install for most situations.)

PS 3 days and no codes thrown.
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