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UPR Oil Catch Can Drain Line Kit for ALL Catch Can Systems with a 1/4 Inch Drain.

Part Number: H5032-49

Designed to work with all Catch Cans with a 1/4 Inch Drain Plug Hole.
We've included both a 90 deg and 180 deg fitting to be able to work
with the tightest mounting locations that require a quick bend out of
the catch can due to limited mounting space and a straight fitting to
be able to drop it straight down.

Our kit only allows you to remote mount the drain valve and be able
to empty your catch can on the fly without going under the hood or
having to remove anything. Simply slide a bucket or drain pan under
your car and open the drain valve and your all set.

No cheap rubber hoses or generic hose clamps in this kit only UPR
Nickel Fittings, UPR Chrome Drain Valve, UPR Braided Hose, with UPR
Billet Hose Ends for a perfect no-slip fit that will last a lifetime.

UPR Oil Catch Can Drain Line Kit

This Catch Can Drain Line Kit includes:

* 2pc UPR Billet Hose End Covers
* 1pc 1/4 Turn Drain Valve with 14mm Barbed End
* 1pc 90 Degree 14mm Barb x 1/4" Catch Can Fitting
* 1pc 180 Degree14mm Barb x 1/4" Catch Can Fitting
* 1pc 48" 1/2" UPR Braided Hose - 300psi Oil Resistant

Have a great weekend, Joe

Mustang Parts & Performance - UPR Products
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