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Just wanted to reach and share with everyone how to contact ( UPR's Catch Can Man ) Steve he can be reached by email
for all new catch can specials and tech help for your cars and trucks.

Please email him at [email protected] .com to get the best deals and tech help for your application. He can explain the
basics and what makes UPR catch cans so much better than all other catch cans on the market without any double talk or

Were not into a bunch of scare tactics and doctored up before pictures from other people posts like the competition. Most
importantly we only focus on delivering a true plug n play™ catch can system that includes braided hoses and all billet
hose ends so you get an OEM or better quality setup for your vehicle.

We do not use the cheap little clips that you have to use a pliers and struggle to install them on the hose or get them to
lined up. We only use the best and will take the time to make sure you get the best deal and quality for your money with
a 100% tested design that has several utility patents behind it.

Our multi-chamber multi-stage catch cans are the main focus and we are continually improving what we offer.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and feel free to ask questions or request pricing as we do offer custom
packages and for F150ecoboost members when you order direct.


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I can vouch for Joe and the whole UPR team. When I did run into an issue on my CSS, he was able to talk me through what I needed to get done to get the system back up and running!

We all here appreciate what you are doing for the Ecoboost world...even though that is just a SMALL fraction of the engines you deal with
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