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Valve cover keeps burning..

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I Have a 2013 f150 3.5 ecoboost. Valve cover keeps burning on passenger side. What is causing this? Cover looks fine from inside so it can’t be the valves.. I’m just confused. I replaced the burnt valve cover with a brand new one and same burn. Same spot. Weird. The water coolant line that runs beside it gets really hot but I don’t think it’s causing this burn.. are coolant lines supposed to get hot to touch? Thank you
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Coolant lines should not get hot enough to melt plastic.

You could wrap that coolant line with some heat tape, exhaust wrap type stuff.

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If it were a pinhole or very localized exhaust leak it could point right at that spot. You would think that you could hear it though.

Wouldn't be hard to find out if that was the issue.

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