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So I finally got around to it tonight. O…M….G…. I cannot believe how bad the backsides of these valves were! 158,000 severely well kept miles.

I’m in the middle of a build and decided I’m gonna take a look under the mani (had to, really, to get to jiffy’s in back of motor for turbo coolant lines). I’ve heard all about this from BMW mechanics, so tried it out on my 2012 EB.

While it does certainly work, I thought I’d share a couple pointers with you guys to speed along your own process:
1) buy a fitting for a shop vac on eBay ($25) that allows you to seal somewhat against the intake holes AND get a wand in there attached to your sandblaster.
2) buy the cheap sandblaster from Harbor Freight ($40) unless you already have one. See pics for how I attached a homemade wand made out of scrap copper tubing.
3) BEFORE you blast, get in there with a pick and break up the carbon…use a long reach pick with a 60° or 90° tip. My set from Cornwell look to be about 8” without the screwdriver-type handle. it will cut your time spent working 80%. Seriously.
4) use fine walnut shells ($25), again from HF. The coarse ones clog the hose too easy. PRO TIP: You can reuse the walnut blast media if you clean out your shop vac before you start….when is the last time that filter was changed anyway?!?! 😂 A 25# box is enough to do the job though, if you decide to just pitch it.
5) fake pics and share! Tell your truck buddies you’re now in the business of carbon cleaning 1st gen EB and charge 1/2 shop rate to make your money back lol
6) make sure to turn your engine by hand using the crank pulley bolt until the valves are closed on the cylinder you’re cleaning! (In case someone didn’t know this)

Here’s some pics, and the before/after. I spent about 3 whole minutes on those 2 valves in the pic, including picking carbon to break it up. I got it polished-clean, just didn’t remember to snap another pic.

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