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I’m looking for either another f150 , or even a trans am 72-76 77-81 with a LS build, mint, or a 4th gen 99-02 with a 427, 454, 419/blown…or a lowered f150 with a blown 5.0,or a built (long block) ecoboost without any Tunning issues, or other issues from its engine builder, ie a RBM motor which has been driven, without issues, as I’m in his corner or most good builders , but I’ve seen and heard of too many blown motors ,from many shops,but i get it’s a he said she said, if it’s built and trouble free I’m good with it, as far as lowered I mean low, if it’s bagged , it can’t be a back yard , or my friend whos a tech helped me build unless it’s chip Foose, lol..…it’s got to be built by a reputable shop, as I spent 25k on my f150 suspension build if that any. indication of quality I’m looking for…I might be willing to trade my truck, I’ve also got a jeep to trade , otherwise I’m looking to buy something outright as well…
looking for a super cab as I can’t deal with four doors on a truck, I want the extra. Accessibility A super cab give the interior/ eco boost I’d rather have the 2nd gen especially if the long block is still stock, on a 5.0 just has to be a clean truck,and a SCAB, BUT again I’d rather the 5gen coyote if I’ve got it correct , lol..
lookimg for a low mileage truck, unless it’s just priced right and checks off every box, then high mileage may not be a huge problem on the truck, or for that matter the Transam, I get the 72-81 being earlier the chassis might have 100k or more, but if it’s been restored rebuilt it doesn’t matter as long as the drive train is complete and has all the driver comforts, ps,pb,ac,stereo, etc etc…if there’s minor work required on the trans am, or I guess for that matter any sweat f-body as I’d be in it just as much for the right Camaro too…
thank you..
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