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First of all I'm super excited to be a part of the forum. When I decided on my 2.7 F150 it was more for gas mileage and the body. I had no clue there would be so much possible modding. I bought my truck with 19k miles. I've done a good amount of bolt-on mods on previous vehicle but I'm not exactly a gearhead. I plan on keeping this truck forever. I also may do some light duty towing now and then. After coming off of my last truck, 2011 Sierra 5.3 with CAI, Cat Back dual exhast w/resonator delete, I actually welcome the relative silence when driving this beauty. Not 100% sure I want to make the exhaust loud again. I think my main focus for mods is performance to make sure the engine is better protected with upgrades.

After spending 30 plus hours reading on the forum this weekend here's what I've already done/ordered;

Oil Change w/full synthetic
Replacement air filter until I decide on CAI
Spark Plugs Motorcraft gapped at .30
170º Reishce Thermostat not (ordered)
If I'm going to tune at what point do I do it?

Here's my short list of future mods;
Catch Can
Weep Hole in CAC
Cat Back Exhaust

For the next step if I take it;

Hot & Cold Intercooler tubes (seems tough to install in the garage?)
Intercooler (worth the investment?)
Water?Meth Injection Kit

Pretty add-ons;

Husky Floor Liners Ordered
20% Window Tint scheduled
Tonneau Cover
Weathetech Mudflaps
Caltrend Front & Back Seat Covers
Black Running Boards
Rear Wheel Well Liners
Slding Rear Window (manual)

Platinum Grille (maybe)
LED or HID Upgrade (maybe)
Kicker Sub Upgrade (maybe, seems pricey and a lot of work)

Any thoughts, advice, or attitudes are welcome!

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With your list of add ons it sounds like you are wanting to do a full out build. Intercooler is worth it if you tow a lot or if it is warm all year round. Meth will keep your intake temps down when you step on it so if you just do day to day driving the meth would offset the need of an intercooler.

No need for the weep hole as the intercooler was redesigned.

Its up to you when you want to tune, most offer unlimited revisions if you buy from them or a 1 year period. So as long as you do everything you want to do within a year or buy from a single vendor then you can tune at any time. All depends if you want an all at once sensation or see the power gain over time.
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