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Whistling sound and corrosion

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Has anyone else heard a very loud whistle when taking your foot off the accelerator? I don't mean the turbo whine, I mean a whistle like air being forced out a small opening. My truck started this yesterday, noticeable at low speeds when starting out and easy on the accelerator. Take the rpm up to about 2500 and let your foot off the gas and you hear it. It is loud enough for people ignoring traffic on my street to turn around to look.
Also does anyone else have corrosion on their intercooler? The front and sides are almost white on mine. The truck was built 12/12, there were 17 miles on it when I got it in may so I doubt it was driven much in the salt/snow this past winter.
It is at the dealer this morning, I'm suspecting a loose hose for the noise but the corrosion has me a little concerned.
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Keep us up to date, it will be interesting to hear what the dealer has to say.
Do you have aftermarket CAI? As far as the hissing sound, my Airaid let's out a pretty throaty puff like a loud hissing noise when I enter boost then release real quick... Also combo'ed with the BOV releasing pressure.
im thinking it is normal BOV hiss by the description !
as the turbos break in and loosen up they will spool much easier than big turbos do and dont forget you got 2 of them with each having their own BOV releasing un-used boost pressure
the one thing we dont know for sure is did your truck end up with parts for the 2013 yr run and use the mechanical BOV or did you get left over vaccuum operated BOV's like the rest of 2011 and 2012 that has some bearing on the noise description as well
im very curious to see what the service department tells you, some times they come up with the very best animated excuses for a reported problem when they dont find anything actually wrong.
I got it back and they ordered a part, it is a valve on the drivers side of the CAC tube. 2 techs heard the noise, compared it to another '13 and it was significantly louder. The service manager talked to Ford tech and they said to order this part as a start. He said because they didn't say that it was normal sounds that they may be looking into something. Hopefully the part will be in this week and it will be installed. He said that they didn't have a definite answer for the problem though.
As far as the corrosion goes, he made sure it was the newer CAC and said they had the same thing happening with the Super Duty intercooler. This is just a cosmetic thing and there were no performance issues with it.

I'll keep updates going.
At least they're admitting there's an issue and getting you parts to fix it, even if its just a starting part.
So, they replaced the part and you can still hear the noise. My brother is the service manager brought it back to my house and we were trying to figure out where it was coming from. I don't think his techs can hear as I listened, put my hand on the airbox and could feel the pressure coming back into it. I partially opened the box and it got louder. He said he was going to drive another '13 around tomorrow and contact the tech help again to see if they had any ideas. I'll keep y'all posted.
So I drove the truck Friday on a short trip and heard the noise once. Took it out yesterday for a couple more short trips and it was raining but didn't hear anything. My wife and I took it house hunting today and it didn't make a peep other than the normal turbo/boost releif sounds, no whistling. I'll be taking it on a couple longer trips this week and see if it comes back. I hate intermittent things.
A whistling noise is more likely to be a vacuum leak, but it could be coming from the throttle body or manifold gaskets.
I am going to be posting this video in another thread but is what you are hearing like this???
I have had my truck for about a month. I had the same type of whistle just the other day, really loud and only when I got into the turbo and back off real fast off the throttle. has not happened since that day, but will update if it continues I will post here again. Hopefully you will have discovered it by now.
Nasty sound btw...
Ah come on! no updates???
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I have noticed mine doing that recently. Started about 3-4 months ago. I've got a 2012 with 60K on it. Performance doesn't seem impacted but fuel economy is down from averaging 17.5 MPG to 16 MPG. Haven't brought it in yet, but am curious to know what else you've heard from the dealer, and if they've fixed your issue.
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