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Ok, when we modded my truck we moved the windshield washer pump and installed a different reservoir, none of which hurt, as it’s worked fine until now, for 7 yrs..
now the pump isn’t working, wipers still move when the washer switch is pushed, so I’m pretty sure it’s not that..being in a wheelchair it’s a little hard to check anything, anyway I check power to the pump, and there isn’t any, I used both a test light, and a multimeter..
so I’m pretty sure it blew a fuse, as I doubt it’s wiring ,there isn’t anything around it like exhaust etc to burn it..
l checked the box in the front above the radiator, and didn’t find any blown fuses...
I think there’s another box in the foot well, does anyone know for sure ? And which fuse,and willing to post a pic of the fuse box, and location of the fuse in it for me pls..I’m going to ask my son, to look at it for me, he is a high school kid, but know Jack about cars...
thanks guys..
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